HP chromebook 11 packaging

With its rounded edges and soft touch the packaging mirrors the simplicity and design of the product itself. The band creates a splash of color across the clean white background of the box, which is also the color of the Chromebook inside. Like the exterior, the unboxing experience has been designed to be as simple as possible. The band peels off, and the lid lifts to reveal the Chromebook, along with the most basic instructions needed to help people get started quickly and easily. Building brands is about creating unique, relevant and memorable experiences. So, we challenged ourselves to push the boundaries of low environmental impact practices when developing the packaging for the HP Chromebook 11. And, at the end of the project, we were super excited about the reviews. “When the HP Chromebook 11 arrived, I was immediately struck by the packaging,” reports Forbes.com. “There's a story in it. This box isn’t just for shipping. It also begins a relationship.”